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So what is a GMO?

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. A genetically modified organism is an animal or food crop that has had its DNA altered to select for certain traits or characteristics, for example making crops more resistant to insects. While this sounds great at face value, how much research has been done on these genetically modified products and how may they affect us, our children, our embryos? In my opinion, not enough.

You may not know that the majority of soybeans and corn in our country are GMO. Think about how many products utilize these ingredients from cereals, to crackers, to cookies. The really frightening thing is that food labels are not required to list whether ingredients are GMO. So avoiding these ingredients can be a challenge. Organic foods cannot be GMO so sticking with these products where possible is a good way to limit your family’s exposure. Many products are now displaying that they are NON-GMO on their labels.

How we spend our food dollars sends a powerful message to manufacturers and grocery stores. For more information visit For a list of Non GMO foods go to or download the iphoneapp: SHopNoGMO.